Current Goals for Music Education in our local schools

We are currently working to achieve goals in both Napa and Nashville. In the Nashville area, we have donated our proceeds to various programs including the Grammy Foundation, Glenview Elementary School, Hume Fogg, Wilson Central and Father Ryan Marching Band to support their music in the schools program. In Napa, we have partnered with the Arts Council and the Music Connection to provide instruments for elementary school music programs. We are also in the process of working in the school districts of the Napa Valley to create our own program to be implemented in the elementary schools described below.


Notes for Education™

NOTES for EDUCATION™ was founded when Nashville music professionals and Napa Valley Wine Industry professionals began to see the similarities between their industries. Often the names of the individuals who write the music or make the wine are unknown and it is only the products of their passion that receive recognition. With the intention of highlighting the entire process of collaboration that is required within these industries and with respect to the inherent necessity to reach out to our communities, NOTES was formed to support arts education for today’s youth so that we continue to develop the artists of tomorrow. A decision was made to organize events that bring together accomplished songwriters, winemakers, authors and visual artists to raise funds to support arts and literacy programs for the children of our communities. The Board members of NOTES are accomplished professionals in the industries of Music, Arts and Winemaking.

Children Benefit

Children benefit as the proceeds from Nashville In Napa will directly effect youth in Nashville and Napa through non-profit organizations chosen by the Board of NOTES for EDUCATION™.  Our continuing mission is to bring music, arts and literacy into our communities.